Best Montreal New Year’s Party for Female Factor

December 26th, 2012

One of the top perks on the list for bachelors visiting Montreal is the women: and whether you are looking to meet women or just look, the Montreal New Years party with the highest female factor (both for quality and quantity!) is the very kiss-friendly countdown party HEC XS Celebration 2013.

Here’s why:

5,000 guests = 1 happy single dude

While you may hear of other Montreal New Year’s parties “for singles”, this party really has the most singles and most women period with over 5,000 guests in attendance! Plus, whether it’s the amazing music or just the notoriety of their New Year’s events, XS always attracts a sexy crowd who is ready to party (which never hurts!).

Body-painted models

If you’re looking to paint the town red on New Year’s Eve, why not start with the lovely canvasses at XS Celebration, provided by gorgeous Montreal models who will be saying happy birthday to the world wearing nothing but their birthday suits and barely concealing body paint.

Sexy cirque performers

Only in Montreal will you find such sexy circus performers: and you can enjoy their beauty and flexibility with exclusive entertainment at HEC XS Celebration 2013.

Arena nightclub

New Year’s party co-host Arena Nightclub has been a hottie magnet since bursting onto the Montreal nightclub scene this year, with many ladies nights and of course popular Saturday nights with resident DJ Payce (one of the many popular regular performers of Arena who will be gracing the stage at this New Year’s event). Ladies also love their sleek décor and plush VIP options, ranging from an impressive VIP mezzanine to VIP tables, which you will appreciate being served from by Arena’s beautiful servers. Upgrade to premium open bar tickets or VIP tables for full access to the event including spacious VIP area of Arena Nightclub.

Montreal New Year’s Packages for Hotels

December 23rd, 2012

montreal_new_years whisper

The best New Year’s Eve in Montreal means the best possible time, from start to finish…And having the right Montreal hotel won’t only complete your evening, it can easily make or break your New Year’s Eve.

Even if you’re just looking for a place to crash, the wrong accommodations can crash your whole New Year’s plans. Accommodations that aren’t downtown are a no-go for cab-crazy New Year’s Eve, and accommodations that are downtown require lots of tedious research and guesswork to determine which ones really are “luxurious”, “downtown”, a great rate, or simply party-friendly.

When it comes to New Year’s Eve, you don’t want a night that was great in some ways and lame in others, you want the full package…So leave it up to trusted New Year’s packages from the city’s top VIP service and luxury concierge Montreal VIP to take care of all the tedious details involved in finding a hotel and party, so you can focus on the important details, such the finely detailed body painting adorning models at New Year’s party HEC XS Celebration 2013.

Montreal New Year’s packages include all-you-can-drink tickets to the hottest party as well as great rates on 4-star accommodations downtown, with options from 1 to 4 guests per room on up to 5 nights in our fine city. Package clients have the options of staying at either Gouvernor or Sheraton, both luxurious Montreal hotels in prime nightlife areas of downtown. These customizable New Years packages can also include Platinum Club Hop with elite nightlife experts Montreal VIP on Dec. 30th and optional VIP at New Years party HEC XS Celebration 2013, as well as elite Montreal nightclubs, restaurants and more for other nights you are in town.

Call Montreal VIP to talk about options for the ultimate “full package” experience of Montreal New Year’s Eve!

Making the Most of This Year’s Hottest New Year’s Party

December 19th, 2012


Get there early

While it’s recommended you arrive early (at least 2 hours prior) to any Montreal New Year’s parties, the reason you want to get to this one early is a lot more fun…

You will want to get to other parties 2 hours early because you will have to wait, both for entrance and bar…But you will want to get to HEC XS Celebration 2013 because you can’t wait: perfected by hosting 6 of Montreal’s most popular New Year’s parties, ‘XS’’s hedonist-approved free pour, all-you-can-drink begins at 9pm (to 3am in drinking rooms on Levels 2, 3 and 4. Note: No drinking in Level 1 party room), and with speedy service and exclusive entertainment you won’t find anywhere else, you shouldn’t mess around with subpar parties on New Year’s when such a seductive, sure thing awaits. However once there, you should of course…

Get around

There’s too much variety to vegetate at this party, with noted masters of everything from R’N’B, Hip Hop and Top 40 to House, Electro, Reggaeton, Merengue and Dubstep rotating in 5 uniquely vibed rooms all night long, as well as a host of other debaucherous distractions: from wild cirque performers to body-painted models to of course, unpredictable entertainment provided by the crazy crowd itself―which, boasting more booze and women than any other Montreal New Year’s party, is obviously worth the gander.


For this year’s biggest New Year’s event, the name of the game is the bigger the better…And XS really went to the next level to roll out the red carpet for VIPs this year. While the biggest difference for upgrades at most New Year’s parties may be on paper, premium ticket holders and VIP tables get serious perks at this party, including exclusive entrance and access to the event and elite premium bars offering a luxurious upgrade of unlimited drink options.

Get your ticket ASAP

XS parties sell out every year, so get your ticket now before prices rise or worse tickets sell out!

New Year’s Planning: The Dangers of the Cinderella Approach

December 7th, 2012

With nostalgia, anticipation and adrenaline all running high on New Year’s Eve, it can be hard to decide on just one party…Especially if you and a few friends want to go out, while married couples in your group are battling for the presence of the rest of your friends to be at either of their “mature” New Year’s nights in.

Whatever you do, beware of the famous last words:

“I will make it there by midnight”.

Not only is turning into a pumpkin so last season guys, but this can have a disastrous impact on your night…

Happy New Year’s, phone!

Everyone is already checking phones and announcing the time every 10-15 minutes. If you are planning on going to two or more New Year’s Eve parties, be ready to spend half your night anxiously checking the time…And the other half trying to get through to the cab companies.

Timing is inherently #*@&3) on New Year’s Eve

Getting from one area of town to another in 20 mins to an hour would be easy to pull off on any other night of the year. But for the best experience of Montreal New Year’s, you should plan to be at your countdown party at least 2 hours before midnight (So yes, it’s one of those nights where when people say to meet at 9 or 10, they actually mean it for once!).

Quality, Not quantity of parties

If you spend all night going from party to party, you are stuck in the game…But if you find the best New Year’s Eve party to go to, you have won—and can relax and celebrate with your fellow victors, already.

If you can’t help but make an appearance at a friend’s shindig, make it a quick and early stop: and make no mistakes about prioritizing the “chosen one” of your New Year’s celebrations.

Remember, there’s no “2012.5”: All the way is the only way to go for New Year’s Eve.

The Passive-Aggressive Approach to New Year’s Plans

December 6th, 2012

Things people say to tell you about their passive aggressive montreal new years plans

“I’m going out, but I’m not making a big deal of New Year’s or anything.”

Psst: Whether you usually make a big deal of New Year’s Eve or not, our city does—and you can plan on it being a big deal to get into any Montreal clubs at the last minute on New Year’s…

…And if waiting outside for hours to get into overcrowded clubs filled with angry guys trying to get the bartender’s attention is not your thing, than having a “whatever” attitude about New Year’s plans is probably the worst thing you can do. No amount of being “too cool to care” will take the place of proper planning in ensuring you have the best time possible on New Year’s Eve…If anything it will have the opposite effect on your night.

“I guess I sort of have plans to go out this New Year’s Eve…But it’s not like I’m ‘making plans’ or anything, whatever.”

You might not be the type of guy who usually goes out, so just agreeing to go out on a night as wild as New Year’s Eve in Montreal should be enough, right?

Wrong. Planning to go out on New Year’s Eve is NOT a plan. Your social ego may be satisfied with your decision for the time being, but when New Year’s Eve rolls around and those amazing plans haven’t fallen in your lap, you are likely in for a long night of Seacrest and waiting for the phone lines to lighten up so you can call your Mom.

When it comes to planning New Year’s Eve, you have to go all the way. If your social life is begging you to do something this year, be assertive and make it happen. Figure out the best New Year’s party to go to, then call up and recruit your party crew.